Stephen Lambdin, 2016 Olympian Teaches Taekwondo Seminar in Missoula

On the weekend of April 8th Stephen Lambdin (US Taekwondo Olympian) traveled to the Missoula Vally to teach and inspire montana's TKD youth and atheletes.

Quote from organizer Steve Rosbarsky (Missoula Taekwondo Center Head Instructor/Coach):

"It was an honor to have my friend, Stephen Lambdin, come up and share his knowledge with so many athletes from all over. I am grateful to have had support from all the surrounding states. (North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, and of course Montana)

Enthusiasts from all over, learning from one of the best, in one of the worlds most beautiful places. It just doesn't get any better than that."

About Stephen Lambdin:

Current World Ranking June 2016: 14th (+87kg)

Current Olympic Ranking June 2016: 22nd (+80KG)
All-time World Rank Peak: 7th (July 2013)

In July 2013, Stephen reached number 7 on the World Taekwondo rankings, but greatness comes from small beginnings. He began taekwondo at age five under Master Jeff Pinaroc in Arlington, Texas. From his first lesson, he has given every practice 100% of his effort and love in pursuit of excellence. Even as a little boy, he has wanted nothing more than a chance to represent the United States at the Olympic Games.

For many years, he dominated his brackets in Texas while every year falling short of medals at the US Junior National Championships. “Each time I lost, my determination grew,” says Stephen. When he turned fourteen, all of his hard work paid off when he won his first Junior Nationals and made the US Junior National Team, in 2002. That year, the team traveled to Crete, Greece for the 4th World Junior Taekwondo Championships. Since 2002, there has been no stopping Stephen.

Stephen spent several years training in Los Angeles, and now trains under National Team Coach Jason Poos, at Poos Taekwondo Center. A graduate of California Lutheran University, he spent 3 years working as a Reliability Coordinator for BNSF Services Team at GE Transportation in Fort Worth, TX. Stephen left his position, at GE, in July of 2015 to perfect his game for the upcoming games in Rio.

Overall Stephen has represented the United States on 25 different National Teams. These include Junior, Collegiate, Under 24, World Cup, Senior, World Grand Prix, Pan Am Games and even the 2016 Olympic Team. Be sure and check back regularly to follow Stephen’s 11th place performance in Rio all the way through his GOLD medal performance in Tokyo 2020!

The Montana and surrounding Taekwondo communities are lucky to have coaches of Steve Rosbarsky and his wife Amanda Rosbarsky's caliber to bring in such amazing opportunities
 to our athletes

Looking to the future, M.U.S.T. looks forward to organizing more events and seminars to bring further knowledge, experience, and opportunities for our state's athletes.